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At STARSMANAGEMENT we provide our clients from the service industry, an opportunity to have a face-to-face presentation of their offered services by a trained professional to the prospective customer through a human touch with a strong advertising message. This combines the information of an advertisement with the reassurance of word of mouth recommendations and customer service that we feel is second to none.

Since, Direct Marketing is widely acknowledged as the most effective method of acquiring new customers and increasing brand awareness. It has forced many large companies to re-evaluate their traditional marketing strategies and outsource their direct marketing requirements to us.

Our key objective is to deliver a high standard customer service till the end consumer as well as an excellent yet cost effective marketing campaign for our clients. Our comprehensive sales coaching and business development program ensures that clients are represented to the highest standard and the Field Representatives we contract are the best possible brand ambassadors.

What we do for our people?

Our company is proud to say that the word “Opportunity” is central to our core values. It strives to provide a working environment where people can excel within their role, enjoy themselves whilst they work and build a successful future.

Foot Prints to Market

In today's marketing world, a lot of routes to the market have been tried and tested. Among these, traditional advertising – TV, radio and print – is quite expensive and calculating the ROI can be very difficult over a long period of time. It's also difficult to cut through the entire marketing buzz' that is created. Consumers are exposed to over 10,000 messages every day!

A more direct, face–to–face approach is required. That's why Stars management exists. Our approach is to homes, businesses, shopping arenas and events; through which we facilitate real people engaging directly with consumers – face to face. We call it 'The Human Commercial'

We provide our business partners with:

  • Full marketing accountability
  • Trained and experienced sales marketers
  • A tailored approach
  • Economies of scale from our unparalleled size
  • The ability to scale up and down as required
  • A campaign support team looking out for our partner's best interests
  • Access to the resources they need to flourish

Expansion Plan

In the coming months, we plan to open more group companies in various potential cities of SOUTH INDIA including COCHIN, COIMBATORE, MANGALORE & MYSORE also in the pipeline across India.

Our expansion plans work hand-in-hand with our aim to provide access to the world-class products & services to a large base of customers & also to bring employment opportunities to the masses.

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